HEEEEELP!!!! again

Okay I got my pictures in photobucket.Now when I click move the selected what is my albums name supposed to be I got all my pics in there I just need to know how to send it PLEASE HEEEELP!!!!! like where do I put Live journals name in. thanks Sorceresedia I appreciate it.
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O.k. I will greatly appreciate it if somebody would tell me how to put pics in here please help see I had them e-mailed them to me and I put them in my file now I don't know how to cut and paste I know I have to right click but then what do I do do I highlight it before or what ahhhhhh! someone help me PLEASE.Tell me EXACTLY what to do I have 4 pics that I would love to put in my journal.
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IT IS SUMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER! woooooo! hoooooo! today I'm just going to chill at home. tomorrow I'm going to South Padre Island.it's the best beach in the United States! I'm going to slider bond with my basket ball team then Friday I'm spending the night at my friends. then Saturday I'm going to go to the movies and my friends are spending the night at my house. Summer RUUUUUUUULES!I'm going to give you guys pics today I hope you'll like them.
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I am getting in 4 or 5 pics in tomorrow I thought I would have more sorry but I luv u all i'm tired bye

Still sorry

I'm so sorry that I don't have more pics yet but I promise I'll have alot 2 show u later.Yesterday I went 2 a fassion show I want 2 do manichan modeling sooooo bad but so far only runway oh well who am I 2 complain right.The show was cool anyways let me fill u guys in. I went into La plaza mall where it was held and I went 2 the meeting point Missy (the director)told all of us 2 meet.Once again about 15 girls and only 5 guys oh well right?Missy told us our groups wich she does because different groups go 2 different stores.I went 2 Buckle Missy told me that I would be modeling with 2 girls at my sides (cool right?)especially because they were 2 friends I had made in a recent competition Tanisha and Sulli.They were kidding on me like Well I don't know if I want 2 grab on 2 that arm. and Hopefully u took a bath!after Buckle jammed us with all the clothes they could wich most stores do because more clothes more advertisement.basicaly they're cheapskates.LOL.But they made it look good.when we got behind stage Tanisha and Sulli were still kidding me saying things like I hope the crowd doesn't get knocked out by ur calogne!And other things like I'm going 2 be seen with this!See most people think that all models are stuck up and don't have a sense of humor but that is all wrong we have 2 look like we're all that on the catwalk but u don't see us (behind the scenes.)But anyways after that was over we did the finally wich was the train where we just follow everybody.and afterwards Tina and sulli said well I guess I didn't die so I'm o.k. I laughed and hugged them goodbye then I went home and got some SLEEP!
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O.k. today I was looking through the internet 4 modeling,acting,and camp.I can't wait till summer!I'm going to be doing everything possible!I want to find a good modeling camp in Texas but I can't.But I'm finding alot of acting wich is cool to.I'm also going camping as in tents. But my camping isn't like hardcore. We've got c.d. players,matches and all that.I'm going to Garner State park!WOOOO HOOOO! Summer rules!For me atleast.
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hey everyone!

Whatsup!Do u like my pic?I'll have alot more later I promise!My cousin is the one who takes pictures of me she's cool she's on live journal 2.She's the 1 who got me into it.Anyways right now I'm sitting with the cutest dog in the world Mitzy Elliot!LOL!like the name? She's my dog I'll have pics of her 2 promise.So r u my friend if not u shud be don't even ask.I can put up with basically everyone except 4.......

people who r all depressed,racist(against any race),and haters. Otherwise ur cool bye me.
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